Volvo C30 Facelift gets sporty R-Design package from Frankfurt –

While Swedish company Volvo is famous for its extremely safe cars, the automaker also wants to reveal that it can make beautiful and even sporty ones from their existing lineup of vehicles. That is why the new facelifted C30 will be getting a custom R-Design package, which is currently exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show these days.

This new package will see mechanical upgrades in terms of steering, which received new, sharper ratios, but also in terms of suspension, which received stiffer springs and dampeners, as well as the ride height, which has been lowered by 10 mm.

“A customer who test-drives the new C30 R-Design will immediately feel the difference,” said Stefan Sällqvist, manager Vehicle Dynamics at Volvo Cars. “Even before the car has covered fifty meters, the driver will be aware of the crisp steering and the distinct chassis response.”

But the biggest changes were made on the outside, as the new R-Design package brings forth a brand new, more aggressive bodykit for the C30, making the premium hot hatch a very attractive one. The aforementioned bodykit, alongside the new chrome plated tailpipes, 17-inch sport rims and the metal finish for the grille and mirror housings complete the sportier look of the facelifted C30.

On the inside, a leather interior in either two-tone or all black will be featured, as well as various inserts in the center console and dash alongside an aluminum and blue theme on the speedometer and rev counter.

Volvo declined to reveal a launch date for this R-Design or a presumed price, but seeing as how it changes the new C30 facelift, it will surely make plenty of people consider it for their new car.

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