Volvo offers Twilight fans the chance to win an XC60 or tickets to film premiere in “What drives Edward” campaign –

Sigh, I was hoping that the Twilight phenomenon would escape the car industry, but it seems that Volvo is quite bent on using the hype that the film saga is experiencing and wants to promote its models which are prominently featured in the films.

The newest campaign started by the Swedish manufacturer is focusing on the upcoming premiere of the second movie in the saga, New Moon, in which the main male character, Edward Cullen, swapped his old C30 from the first movie (arguably one of the best parts of it, but that’s just my opinion), with a manlier, or should I say vampier-er XC60.

“Volvo is central to Edward’s character in the Twilight saga,” said Jeff Pugliese, president and CEO of Volvo Canada. “One lucky fan will be the first to solve all of the puzzles in Volvo’s What Drives Edward contest and win a new XC60. While the XC60 doesn’t come equipped with a vampire, the winner will experience the power, beauty and protection that is Volvo, and it will transport them to all of their great moments in life.”

In order to win either an XC60 or tickets to the world premiere of New Moon, people will need to visit the WhatDrivesEdward website and answer many questions regarding the popular movie and book series. Be advised that it is only available for Canadian fans of the vampire stories as Volvo Cars of Canada is organizing the competition.

The contest starts will start on November 1 and continue onto November 23, and besides the big prizes, will also offer exclusive content like wallpapers or trailers. You never know who might win, so guys you’d better get your girlfriends to enter the contest.

Source: Autonorth

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