Volvo shows new pedestrian detection system which will be included in 2010 S60 |

When you talk about car safety, Volvo is one of the first things that pops into the mind of any car enthusiast out there. The Swedish company has made a name for itself by implementing and pioneering a lot of safety technologies into its various models.

For the upcoming 2010 S60, which is already under testing in Sweden, the company has prepared something truly innovative: a pedestrian detection system. It will consist of a camera which recognizes the objects and persons in front of the car and in case the current trajectory and speed will have a collision as a result, it will warn the driver. All fine and dandy, but if the driver won’t react, the system will automatically apply the brakes and stop the car at speeds under 25 km/h, and at speeds over this amount, to minimize the effects of the collision.

Overall, a very interesting system which might bring a big change to the car industry. Watch the video below and share your thoughts by leaving a comment

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