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The UK has been getting the short stick lately in terms of the American muscle cars, as models like the Mustang or Challenger could only be imported from the US, which meant many taxes and, the most troublesome, being stuck with a left-hand drive car.

But for fans of the Chevrolet Camaro a major surprise is brewing, as next year will see the premiere of the VR Camaro, a customized version of the American muscle car, which takes some major styling cues from the Lamborghini Reventon and comes with a much-welcomed right hand drive option.

In terms of power, the VR Camaro will have plenty, as it will come with a special high performance braking system, a coilover suspension and, most importantly, a supercharger which takes its output to well above 600 HP.

As I’ve said, on the outside the VR Camaro takes some cues from Lamborghini’s exclusive Reventon, with the biggest shock coming from the front, with the aggressive fascia. Side skirts and a set of lighter 22-inch wheels have been added, as well as lighter carbon fiber body panels. The rear ends with a retro duck tail spoiler. The VR Camaro will come in two flavors, either white with orange accents or black with orange accents, both looking superb.

Source: CAR via Autoblog

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