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2011 Volkswagen Passat

According to the officials at Volkswagen AG, the company sales grew twice as fast in comparison with the worldwide auto market in October 2010. This sales rise is mostly because of the increased orders for the VW and Audi cars in China and the United States. In the future, VW is hoping to surpass Toyota as the largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

In comparison to 2009, deliveries went up by 9.8% for the VW Group cars which include Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley and Skoda. VW Group sold 612,200 cars, light commercial vehicles and SUVs last month, surpassing the industry’s 4.5%, according to a statement made on Friday by the officials over at Volkswagen.

Adding approximately 70 models plus updated configurations of the current lineup of automobiles, VW is hoping for a consecutive second year of record sales. VW’s sales chief Christian Klinger stated on September 30th that the company is able to achieve the 10 million cars per year, before the 2018 target date. From January – October, VW sales grew by 12% to 5.98 million cars sold worldwide. Klinger said that VW will most likely increase its global share in the upcoming months.

2011 Volkswagen Passat

VW’s preferred shares grew by 1.2% (1.35 euros), to 111.95 euros and traded at 111.90 euros two weeks ago. The 71% stock increase allowed VW to reach a value of $66 billion (48.4 billion euros).

Volkswagen’s targets for expansion are based in China, where the company will be opening two new factories in order to double its annual production in its largest car market to 3 million units in the next 4 years. VW Group will be investing in the near future $8.2 billion (6 billion euros) for developing new models and construction. In China, VW’s sales went up by 38%, reaching 1.65 million units.

Regarding United States, the VW sales went up by 21% in the first ten months of the year, reaching 295,900 cars. The company will resume production in USA in the future by opening a unit in Chattanooga, Tennesse.

VW sold 12% more cars and SUVs this year, reaching 3.78 million units. Seat was able to sell 285,200 cars while Skoda reached a sales figure of 69,200, a 5.5% increase in comparison to the similar period of last year. Audi also increased its sales by 16%, reaching 916,900 units. VW’s commercial-van sales increased 17%, up to 349,000 units, especially because of the growth in the South American market.

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