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At this week’s 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, Volkswagen will debut the VW Pickup Concept, a double-cabin pickup truck that rumors referred to as the VW Robust or Taro. The concept will actually be a preview of the production version, which is currently under development. The concept looks very interesting, especially with that ‘beach patrol’ theme, highlighted by the blue LED lights on the roof and the SAR (search and rescue) stickers on the side of its body.

No word about the specs, but, according to the German carmaker, the pickup production is scheduled to start in the fall of 2009 at the VW plant in Pachero, Argentina and sales will follow soon after, in South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. Nothing mentioned about the US market, but we definitely expect the car to be available to across the ocean.

So, VW gets ready to enter new grounds with this pickup truck. In a market where large cars are not so attractive any more, this might look like a bold move, but, equipped with the right engine and powertrain, this car might really work for the German giant. What do you think?

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