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Posted on 6-08-2008 by Andrey

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Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the most popular new smal SUV’s out there, being a real hit with clients, waiting lists being very long. As such, VW has released the Tiguan in the Russian market, saying that it’s local factory based in Kaluga will be supplying the SUV for these clients. The plant also produces the Jetta and Passat models which are also available on the Russian market.

Frank Witterman, CEO of VW in Russia has stated that “the decision to build the Tiguan locally is an indication of the strategic importance of the Russian market for the VW”. It seems that VW is really taking into account the spending power of this new emerging market and it’s taste for modern vehicles. There will be two models available at the lauch of the Tiguan, one equipped with a 1.4 litre 150 bhp TSI engine priced at €27,900 (or 904,000 ruble) and another TSI engine, a 2.0 litre one, capable of delivering 170 bhp starting at €32,500 (or 1,053,550 ruble).

Source: CarScoop