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Volkswagen has some big plans for its small hatchback, the Polo, as product chief for VW, Dr. Ulrich Hackenburg, has declared to Autocar that multiple new versions of the Polo, including a four-door sedan or a possible Estate (Polo Variant), might be made.

He said that the four-door version will have normal boot, not a hatch, and will be targeted at countries such as India, Russia or China. It will be based on a slightly longer platform of the normal Polo, and, if it becomes successful, might even reach European markets such as the UK or Germany.

He also revealed that this is part of a new strategy from VW in order to make the Polo as popular as the famous Golf model, and it wants to achieve that by offering many versions of the car. The Polo GTI, which we reported on a few days ago, will also be part of this new strategy, by offering a model for the performance enthusiasts.

But besides the this new saloon, VW bosses are also considering a people carrier based on the Polo, dubbed Raum, and an estate one, entitled Polo Variant. But seeing as how they are alternatives to one another, Hackenburg said that a decision will be made soon about what version will be sent to production, although he prefers the estate which “looks great”.

Overall, I think VW will definitely earn some big money as the lower-priced Polo, in multiple versions, might reach bigger sales than the Golf, especially in markets that are still in development and in places where the economic recession has taken a bigger toll.

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Source: Autocar

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