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As a responsible driver you should never drive on highways and roads without being the owner of car insurance. The Washington car insurance law states that the minimum liability coverage is mandatory for all drivers, but if you own a classic car, a motorcycle or a moped you may not have to buy auto insurance as a legal requirement. Nonetheless you should check with the local DMV in order to be sure about that.

The Washington state will fine you or suspend your vehicle registration tags and even your driver license if you fail to produce proof of the minimum liability car insurance requested in this state. That’s why you should know what the minimum coverage is. Like in many other states $25,000 are the minimum required for only one person that is injured as a result of an accident, $50,000 covers all the persons involved in the accident while $10,000 are considered enough for the case of property damage. But, this is only liability insurance, meaning that you and your car are not covered by this insurance if you are the driver found at fault. The bills will be paid by the insurance company only for the other driver. So, you can’t consider this full coverage when you start looking for the best deal of the market.

If you want a more diverse package you should find out more information about collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage and others that can include even towing or a possible rental car. Those are great ideas especially if you are the fortunate owner of a more expensive car or if you still have to pay for your car loan.

Washington Car Insurance

The number of insurance companies licensed in the state of Washington is impressive. You are free to choose between the 130 different companies, all able to provide you with Washington car insurance. Usually the best options seem the companies represented nationally wide like GEICO, Progressive or State Farm, but you can opt for regional auto insurers as well, because their strong competitors and offer interesting insurance packages. Such an example would be the PEMCO Car Insurance Company, dedicated to serving the Washington insurance market. Over the years it earned the respect of many clients that helped it leave behind the competition (even the national brands). You will be happy to find out that the rates offered by these companies are the lowest ones in the USA. In fact Washington car insurance is 15% lower if we compare it with the national average.

Each and every one of these insurance providers will take into account your driving record, your financial credit score, type of automobile and more personal information as well such as age or marital status. Keeping those in mind and obtaining quotes from different companies by using the online option you will make your life easier and help yourself get even better rates. There are also sites that make the comparison for you if you want to quickly purchase your Washington car insurance. Once you decide on the company and on the insurance package you should pay attention to the deductible’s value as well, because that seriously influences your rates.

No matter what course of action you decide to take remember that you can find affordable Washington car insurance and there in no excuse for driving without car insurance. That can get you in serious trouble and serious debts. Drive safely!

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