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The worldwide economic crisis made a huge dent in the budgets of almost every inhabitant of this planet. The recession has made people more careful on what they spend their money on and companies more careful on how they spend the money from customers.

But at least one corporation is doing just great, as Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has just declared to prestigious French newspaper Le Figaro that his own company has overcome the worldwide crisis. Don’t go thinking that this will mean month-long paid vacations for everyone at Renault-Nissan, as he continued by saying that the company needs to take care of the side effects of the recession, which are still visible in some structures underneath him.

The executive also highlighted that customers won’t flock to dealerships all around the world at once, but that the growth of sales will happen over a longer period of time. People will slowly start to reorganize their budgets and new cars might soon make it to the top of the purchase lists. Until then though, many people are still trying to pay out their leasing contracts or scrape enough money for fuel in order to enjoy their cars. Hopefully things will only get better in the near future for auto fans like us.

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