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Having a car and not sure what its value is? You’re in luck. There are several online systems and guides that can quickly and efficiently calculate your car’s value with incredible accuracy. These automated systems are formed by giant databases that keep up with the fast changes in car industry. By a series of parameters introduced by the customer, these systems can evaluate the car and give a truthful and market resembling price for any car introduced whether it’s new or used.

What Is My Used Car Worth

Whatsmycarworth is a highly distributed database that can evaluate your car by simply putting in the number plate. This way you don’t even have to know the car inside out, you just enter the number plate and it does the job for you. Considering that “knowledge is power” in the market section, using this system may get you the car of your dreams with less money that you could ever dream. Think about it, not only that you can prove to a buyer that the price you’re asking is actually the true market value of the car, in case of being accused for overpricing. Better yet, you can now go to any car dealer and evaluate each car that catches your eye, being sure that you won’t get fooled or that there is no chance of overpricing.

The NADA guides is a highly rated system and widely known for the size of its database. It is a fully automated online system that can calculate the value for a wide variety of models by filling a few very simple steps. First you have to put the ZIP code in so that the system knows what is your location, and in the same time connect to the nearest database node, ensuring that it has access to the current market rates and values in your location. Next step is choosing the car. You have just about every popular car manufacturer on the market to choose from, starting with Acura and ending up with Volvo (in alphabetic order). Next step is choosing the year. Once you have chosen, it will display all the models available for that year like: coupe, convertible, hatchback, luxury, sedan etc. Afterwards you have to select a trim. Once selected it will show you all the information possible shown in the database, including current market price of course.

Next in line is the Edmunds TMV (True Market Value) System. This system will save you from a rough spot, like, for example, when a car dealer asks you to make him an offer and you don’t know what to say. Imagine going to him and giving him the EXACT market price for the car. It has just about the same steps as the NADA guides, but the system is more complex and precise taking in consideration a lot more parameters like, mileage, type of tire, interior equipment, even car color is taken into consideration and integrated in the system database. It may be newer that other systems on the market, but it has made a name for itself quite quickly as a trusted system.

Yet the best system on the market is currently the Kelley Blue Book. It has the best database of them all. Here you can get not one but 4 types of prices that cover just about any type of car transaction. You have Trade in value, Private party value, Suggested retail value, and certified pre-owned value. And it comes with a car compare option which enables you to compare different models to see if you can get something better with the same money.

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