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“When is a car considered a classic?” is a question that needs a proper answer, because it affects the value of cars. The term classic car is generally associated with older automobiles and people usually think that 25 year old vehicles can be considered “classic cars”. But, on the other hand, the Classic Car Club of America states that a classic car is a foreign or American car that was built between 1925 and 1948 and that was sold at a higher price than usual at the time it was built. The classic attribute of a car depends also on the engine displacement or other luxury accessories like power brakes, automatic lubrication system, features that distinguish the car.

The popular belief is that a classic car is an older, more valuable car which raises more interest than an ordinary car. Also, the term of classic is many times compared with the term antique. The two can be considered synonyms if we take a look at the definition given by The Antique Automobile Club of America that considers that an antique car is a car that is at least 25 years old.

The 25 year limit is taken into consideration, because it is considered that in 10 to 15 years a car exceeds its design life. Withstanding the test of time makes a classic car a valuable asset. The value is the result of rarity and age, but these two factors make it pretty difficult to maintain. It can be a challenge to find the necessary body parts and the costs can be impressive. A good way to find parts is by checking out the specially created part stores that are supported by an entire classic cars community that supports owners in their efforts to restore these pieces of art. So, at the end of the day the results might be worth the trouble.

When Is A Car Considered A Classic

When it comes to insurance companies, the conditions are slightly different. For them, a classic car is a car that is at least 15 or 20 years old, in a good condition and with less than 2,500 miles (or 5,000 miles in other states) driven per year. You should also be able to prove that you have another car that you use daily. For example a Ford Model A or a Model T are cars that can be considered classics, while 1975 Mercedes can just be considered an older car, collectable by people interested in older Mercedes cars.

In fact, to make things seem a bit simpler, the CCCA has made a list of cars that should be considered classic cars. Although their definition, stated above, is quite general there were cars not specified on the list even if they met the conditions. That’s why only some BMWs, Buicks and Jaguars were part of the list, while all the Alfa Romeo’s, Bentley’s and Pierce Arrow’s manufactured between 1925-1948 were taken into consideration.

When Is A Car Considered A Classic

The answer to the question “When is a car considered a classic?” might not sound completely universal or objective. That’s why, if you own a car that might be a classic, you should get it evaluated by the authorities in the field.

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