Why the Lincoln Aviator Hybrid is Discontinued: A Deeper Look into Luxury Car Trends

  • As a part of a surprising update, Lincoln has announced that the Aviator Hybrid model is being discontinued.
  • The company hasn’t cited any specific reasons for this decision, but it happens within a larger trend of simplifying luxury car models.
  • It is the second hybrid model from Lincoln to be scrapped in less than a year, after the plug-in version of the Corsair was discontinued.
  • Sales of Lincoln hybrids have been slightly lackluster, with many consumers opting for the pure gasoline models instead.

Well, put your black attire away because we’re not mourning. It seems like the Lincoln Aviator Hybrid has soared off into the eco-friendly sunset after not quite capturing the heart of car enthusiasts.

Given the relatively lukewarm embrace by consumers, one can’t help but wonder if the problem lies in the nature of hybrid vehicles themselves (Half gas, half electric…talk about identity crisis!), or perhaps it’s just not enough ‘bling’ in this luxury market.

Next pit stop for Lincoln? Hopefully innovating new models that don’t get voted off the car island that quickly. A moment of silence for the Aviator Hybrid, the green dream that just couldn’t take flight.


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