Wind Explorer is the first wind-powered vehicle to cross a continent

And that’s not the only record that the Wind Explorer established. The little, eggy wind-powered car was taken by its creators, German engineers Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer, to its limits across the Australian continent. It took them 18 days to get from Perth to Sydney and they’ve had quite a journey. To their first record they added the longest overall distance covered by a wind-powered land vehicle record and the longest distance covered in 36 hours by such a car record.

The 220-kilogram buggy is made from carbon fiber and aluminum, riding on four bicycle tires and it’s powered by a harmless 8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Almost no electrical sockets were harmed during this mission, as the Wind Explorer was propelled onwards by a 20-foot telescopic bamboo mast with a wind turbine on top.

Although the two Germans are full aware of the fact that their toy-like zero emissions care will not make the auto industry gasp with exhilaration, they aim to inspire and motivate car makers all over the world to pursue this green trend and follow it to a better future.

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Source: Wired.
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