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A few days ago we have written about the Online Campaign for Saudi Woman’s “right to drive” , initiated by Manal al Sharif. For the moment, the campaign is in progress, and several videos and online reports already talk about dozens of women participating to the campaign so far. They all protest against the world’s only gender-specific driving ban.

The tragicomic situation is that during the first day of protest, police has stopped one of the cars and gave the woman driver a ticket for not having a license, even though she had two international driver licenses.

Even if this seems to be a long-term struggle, Saudi women effort deserves to be appreciated. And maybe it will not take that much until they get the driving right in their country.

So, do you stand for the campaign?

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Cars are for women too, but not for doing what we are about to show in this post.
Many persons usually experience rental problems, difficult landlords and bad days, but not all go about and demolish the house they live in just because of that. Apparently, these elements are supposed to have made a woman from Detroit to destroy her house, using a pickup truck. At least this is what the news from Motor City’s WXYZ Channel 7 says.

Anyway, the angry woman first flooded the basement and smashed out the windows, and then entered with the car in the front wall of her home in the middle of the night.

At the moment of the WXYZ’s report, the real reasons of woman’s action weren’t identified, and the woman had not been yet found.

You can watch the full news below:

Share you opinion about the incident!

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Our colleagues from Carwoo have made a short list of best cars for women who have an active life: nowadays, many women are caught somewhere between their way to work and shopping in the market for a family dinner, and even gym. If we add to all this the dog that wants to go out, the driving around the block for relaxing after a hard day, laundry or bills, the situation becomes even more complicated, and none of those could be possible unless a great car comes to the rescue.

So, here are the cars recommended for super-active women:

Volvo S60 – named Woman’s World Family Car of the Year

– it is safe, comfortable, excellent as a family car.
– it’s more technologically advanced than its predecessors: City Safe (which detects obstacles on the road and, if necessary, stops the car), Pedestrian Detection System (which alerts you about the pedestrians and help you avoid accidents).

Acura TSX – according to Forbes, it’s one of the least expensive cars to drive

– practical, with cheap maintenance costs and an MPG of 31 hwy. – despite its costs, it still gives you the luxury feel, which is great for a woman’s reputation.

– it’s very well equipped.

Mazda Miata – according to Forbes, it’s one of the least expensive cars to drive

– it’s Motor Trend’s best sports car for 25K. – it’s a small car, with only two seats.

– sporty, agile handling, excellent gas mileage (28 MPG highway), and reliability – are the main features of this car.

Which one is your favorite?

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Ladies, we all know Ryan Reynolds and we can say he is quite…hot! And since we found out that he is also an environmental activist, he seems to have become even hotter. So, his affiliation to the “Innovation for Endurance” program cannot be ignored by any car lover; he comes to support the Nissan Leaf, a 100% electric vehicle that he actually owns.

“I believe it’s possible to take great leaps forward without sacrificing a way of life. For me electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, are not only representative of taking back the power, but also a significant statement about conscious ways of living,” said Reynolds.

So, we are going to see the face of Ryan Reynolds on digital and print creative and videos for Facebook. Actually, Ryan only joins a huge group of elite fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches who share innovations in fitness, health, gear and training through on-site event appearances and blog posts.

“We’re ecstatic to have Ryan Reynolds join us as the newest face in the ‘Innovation for Endurance’ program. (…) He believes in the Nissan LEAF and knows the important impact it will have on the environment and as an active individual, ‘Innovation for Endurance’ made sense as a program that supports initiatives Ryan already participates in.” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Nissan North America Inc.

Dear ladies, I’m afraid that in short time we might become fans of Nissan’s campaign by only watching the sweet Ryan on it.

So, was Ryan Reynolds a good move for Nissan?

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Celebrity goes well only with an expensive car nearby; otherwise we are not dealing with a genuine star. And when we are talking about Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, public demands are high. This is why the American stars continuously impress us with their extravagance and their luxury life, including cars. The reason for all this? Maybe they think that an expensive car makes them look hot.

Here are some examples:

Angelina Jolie and her BMW Hydrogen

Paris Hilton and her pink Bentley GT Continental

Kim Kardashian and her Ferrari F430

Britney Spears and her Maserati Gran Turismo

Lindsay Lohan and her Porsche

Pink and her Chevy ’57 Convertible

Audrina Patridge and her Mercedes G-Class

Demi Moore and her Toyota Prius

Which one is your favorite, celebrity or car?

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Whoever said that women cannot do great things in the auto industry is wrong. And this is the proof: Jeri Ellsworth, an ace welder and circle track race car builder, also with a quite impressive youth. She has posted some videos on YouTube about how a street stock racer should be built.

During her youth, the woman dropout college, learned by herself computer programming and by the age of 20 she already had her own racer car building business.

In the video below you can see how Ellsworth meticulously and carefully builds a 1981 Chevrolet Camaro racer. This is actually a lesson for the persons who aspire to get to NASCAR.


So, are women as skilled as men in this job?

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When we talk about family and cars, the situation cannot be discussed unless we relate to one another. Choosing the appropriate car for your family is often difficult and gives you headaches, as there are many things to be taken into account: from safety to luggage space, from easy handling to budget. So, as a parent, you can now receive some help when it comes to making the good decision when buying a car for your family: yesterday, Parents magazine and Edmunds.com, the leading online resource for car buyers, have released the annual list of the Best Family Cars.

In order to make the best suggestions, the car experts have mainly analyzed the safety and reliability of hundreds of vehicles, they test-drove and compared prices and features, gathered opinions from parents who own or drive these vehicles in their daily life. But they haven’t ignored to test their performance, interior and exterior or family-related features (e.g. pop-up-tables, easy-loading trucks, power outlets for the family trips). After all this, they have chosen fifteen cars they consider that meet the demands of parents. They all come standard with a full set of front, side and side-curtain air bags, with anti lock brakes and electronic stability control.

This year the list includes seven now cars, which means that car manufacturers are preoccupied to design safe cars for this category of public too. In addition to this, Toyota, Honda and Ford each have three car models on the list.

So, the 15 Best Family Cars of 2011 are (the cars from each category is in ascending order by price):

Sedans 1. Hyundai Sonata

2. Honda Accord

3. Subaru Legacy

Budget 4. Ford Fiesta

5. Honda Fit

6. Mazda 3

Crossovers 7. Mazda 5

8. Toyota RAV4

9. Kia Sorento

High-Mileage 10. Toyota Prius

11. VW Golf TDI

12. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Big Cars 13. Toyota Sienna

14. Honda Odyssey

15. Ford Explorer

So, which one is your favorite?

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Super cars are like magnets to women, and Audi R8 doesn’t make any exception. Not only is it the fastest Audi on market and appeared in some blockbusters for the past few years (such as Iron Man or Transformers), but Audi R8 is also able to catch women’s eyes. And we are not talking about any women, but really sexy women.

In the video bellow you can see the magnetism between these two elements during a photo shoot on the Audi R8 and its female fans:

Audi R8 Photoshoot in HD from Tuan Hoang on Vimeo.

We cannot even say which of them gets more of our attention and admiration: the car or the girls. I guess Audi R8 can work with no problems as wingman for seducing women.

So, which one makes you more interested: Audi R8 or the women?

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This month, BMW North America has unveiled a national advertising campaign to help combat distracted driving. The theme of the campaign is “DON’T TXT & DRIVE” and it has started with some very emotional video spots, in which over-protective parents are careless when it comes to texting while driving. The result is that they expose their family to risk and fail their “job” as parents when they text while being behind the wheel.

The entire campaign will be built around this concept, involving both kids and parents, and will also use suggestive ads (television, print, online and radio) to illustrate different situations of distracted driving. In addition to this, campaign’s message will also be incorporated in more than 100 teen driving schools from across the United States.

“Distracted driving is an epidemic in America, and it has deadly consequences for thousands of people on our roads each year. (…) Putting a stop to these needless deaths, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries will require everyone to take personal responsibility for safe driving. I am grateful to BMW for their efforts to raise public awareness about distracted driving and for urging drivers to put down their phones and focus on the road. I hope that other automakers will follow their lead.”

said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

BMW’s initiative is to raise awareness of the fatal effects of texting while driving. It is already known that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 5500 persons died in car accidents involving distracted drivers, and nearly 87 percent of teens admit they text while driving.

This isn’t the first initiative of this type came from BMW: in Spartanburg, South Carolina, BMW’s Teen Driving Shool has trained in safe driving more than 3000 young drivers for the last 10 years.

The “DON’T TXT & DRIVE” campaign runs through the rest of the year.

This is the first video released:


So, what do you think about the video: is it too emotional?

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Apparently, Red Bull’s mercurial world champion names his racing cars, such as pilots do with their fighters and bombers. This year, he got inspired by a woman, the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, and gave to his Red Bull RB7 the name of Kiny Kylie.

So, let’s make the name history of some of his racing cars: Julie (a Toro Rosso STR3), Kate and Kate’s Dirty Sister (two Red Bull RB5’s, in the 2009 challenge), Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy (Red Bull RB6’s, in 2010).

We can say that the 2011 name brought him luck: he won 5 of 6 races to which he participated. As a woman and without modesty, I cannot help myself from not saying that using a woman as a muse can only bring good things into a man’s life. in this case, Kylie Minogue inspired him to victory.

This shot of the Kinky Kylie name on the cockpit of his car was taken from the Monaco Grand Prix broadcast, while the race was red-flagged.

What do you think about Kinky Kylie? A male name would have been more appropriated to a racing car?

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Human behavior while drunk is sometimes seriously concerning: a drunk women from Florida lost control of her Honda and hit John Rauchbauer’s house, and then asked him $1,000 to help find the kids from the house she has just hit.

Well, this is not a scene from a black comedy, but from real life: it all happened Saturday morning, when the drunk woman left a Port Richey parking lot and crashed into a car, proceeded down the road through fences and mailboxes and plunged into Rauchbauer’s house, hitting all the persons from the house: two kids, Rauchbauer and his wife and brother-in-law.

The astonishing fact is that after realizing that she might have crashed through a house with kids, the woman told the house owner that she will help him find the kids if she receives $1,000. Fortunately, none of the family members was seriously injured.

After all that, the drunken woman was charged with personal and bodily injury, damage of property and departure from the scene of an accident.

Therefore, we believe that if it wouldn’t have been the car crash and its victims and driving after drinking alcohol, the situation would have been different, somehow crazy and funny.

So, which is the craziest thing that you have done after drinking too much?

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A new study made by the satellite navigation company TomTom has revealed that women’s stress level is seven times lower than men’s when they are stuck in traffic. The research tested stress level on volunteers, by analyzing chemicals in their saliva while being caught up in a traffic jam.

Therefore, the British psychologists have discovered that women’s stress level increased by 8.7%, while men’s – 60% in the same traffic situation. Consequently, many heart and breathing diseases can appear on men. Surprisingly, many of the volunteers participating to the experiment did not feel like being stressed, even if the chemical results have showed otherwise: after 20 minutes in heavy traffic, 67% of the women and 50% of men said they had no idea they were experiencing stress.

In addition to those statistic results, the study has revealed that 48% of adults go to work every day by their own car, which means they are daily exposed to traffic jams and implicitly to health problems. All those aspects make driving more risky and potentially dangerous.

The psychological explanation of this difference between men and women is due to men’s normal attitude and reaction in case of a difficult situation: they either confront it or walk away from it. In this case, they cannot do either of those. On the other hand, women find different ways of relaxing the atmosphere and releasing the pressure, for example, by turning on the radio (apparently, 77% of British drivers caught up in traffic listen to music, while 23% sing for themselves, 16% make phone calls, 20% – eat or drink, 3% – put on make-up or shave).

So, how do you release your stress while being stuck in heavy traffic?

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According to a new study made by the UK women’s car insurance specialist Diamond, the most popular car among hairdressers is MINI One hatchback. Apparently, MINI brand has two vehicles in the top five, which we consider to be quite a success for the BMW Group’s car manufacturer.

The study was made over 18,000 British hairdressers and revealed the fact that MINI One is three and a half times more likely to be driven by a person working as a hairdresser than anybody else. On the second and third places in the top are Vauxhall Tigra, a convertible from GM’s Europe and Volkswagen New Beetle – they are both more than three times as popular with hairdressers than the rest of the UK. On the last positions we find Ford Ka and Mini Cooper.

“It’s not surprising that the Mini One is so popular amongst hairdressers, as it’s stylish, modern and looks great. (…) In fact, with two Mini models in the top 5, that certainly cements its place as the ultimate ‘hairdresser’s car’.”

said Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych.

But this is not all: the study has also revealed the fact that British hairdressers are 33% more likely to drive a convertible model than drivers from other professions.

What do you think about those results: should MINI One be considered the official hairdressers’ car?

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This year’s most popular racer is Simona De Silvestro, a 22-year-old Swiss woman. This is due to an accident that occurred to her during a practice lap on Thursday: her Dallara-Honda broke at 220 mph, flipping in the air and catching fire once it landed upside down.


“I usually close my eyes when I crash. (…) I thought it was over and all of a sudden I open my eyes and I’m flying off again. You just hope it’s over as soon as possible and then you just try to get out of it. I was lucky that I didn’t pass out or anything.”

she told the Associated Press.

The accident left her with second- and third-degree burns on her hands, which is why she had continue to drive wearing oversized gloves, in pain and needing fresh bandages after each run. Despite this, De Silvestro was the final driver qualified Saturday, and survived Sunday’s bump day to start 24th.

Our opinion is that such a tough woman combined with a winning attitude could be a good start for a shot at Formula1.

Meanwhile, her performance is winning fans, De Silvestro being admired and considered a model by many women.

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As women, we sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are living in the country where we live, having the democratic rights that we have, having equal opportunities to men, being allowed to drive. Some of us don’t have all those possibilities, but definitely fight for getting more. Such an example is the Arab woman, Manal al-Sharif, who has planned a women movement in her country for getting the right of driving cars. Her initiative was to launch a “Women Drivers” day on June 17.

She has used YouTube, Faceboook and Twitter for posting videos of herself driving and messages to instruct other women about how to get involved in her cause, encouraging other Saudi women to do the same.


Unfortunately, the Saudi government interfered and Sharif was arrested, her videos removed, her Facebook page deleted and her Twitter account duplicated, posting messages indicating that she has stopped her efforts.

However, the effects of using the internet for this campaign have already appeared and copies of Sharif’s original messages can now be found on YouTube and an Al Jazeera report on her campaign is still available.


This is what we call courage and initiative of changing things in women’s favour. What is your opinion?

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