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Women are more emotional than men. At least that’s what has always been said about women: they’re the weak part of the humanity, but they still decide about what car to buy.

Let’s say you are a woman and you see these billboards on the streets of your town. So, we ask you: to which one are you attracted to? Which of the cars are you tempted to love and eventually to buy?




So, let’s see: which car brand is the most inspiring for you, dear ladies?

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According to the American Journal of Public Health, there’s a difference between genders even when it comes to car accidents. So, the study results have indicated that women are more likely to be hurt in comparison to men in similar crushes in severity.

The reason for this conclusion: the combination of stature and differences in the seating positions which make women more vulnerable to this kind of threat. So, by wearing the seat belts, the risk of chest and spinal injuries are higher for women – with 47% higher than for men.

As expected, there are already parts that do not agree with the results of the study. One of these is Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety, who sustains that the date used for the analysis is out-of-date – no data more recent than 1998 were used, which means that the cars involved in crushes are very likely not to have incorporated most of the modern crash protection technology (including “female friendly airbags” – Ditlow said).

What do you think: are the results of this study accurate?

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We have randomly found an infographic on a website, talking about the rise of women in leadership. The result of the analysis looks quite feminist, we must say, but the utility of this kind of research is huge. What if car makers would take advantage of these facts and use them in order to create a car which to match perfectly the profile of the woman who has the strength and knowledge to lead? Or what if they would just concentrate more on producing cars for the next generation of women or for the current habits of men? That would be really useful and “future-exploration” tactic.

Do you recognize yourself in the profile of the woman who leads?

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When it comes to men, women have a curious way of having their interest awaken and once this is up, they show it into a strange way. But we are not here to talk about how interesting women are, but about how men can get their attention by driving the right car. So, we have found a list of cars that might get men multiple dates:

Range Rover Sport: it’s the perfect combination of performance, luxury and utility. And it’s perfect for outdoor dates.

Nissan 370Z: it comes in convertible version too and it’s sports, even if it’s cheaper than an usual sports supercar. You know, women don’t think about the price of the car when they notice it’s convertible.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe: leather seats, a 451 HP V8 capable of 4.4 second 0-60 times and PARKTRONIC with Parking Assist – which makes you park like a boss and gives you that great look, the one that impresses any woman.

Acura TL: following the principle that you don’t need to drive expensive cars, but stylish ones, Acura TL might help you with that. And it has plenty of space in the inside, you know, in case it’s needed.

Audi A5: standard turbocharged 211 HP engine, great look and some luxury details in the inside – any woman can’t resist this.

What car you were driving when you met your girlfriend / wife?

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Women were always mocked for not knowing very much about cars. Or they were compared with cars, in this way, for instance:

“Women are like cars: we all want a Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon.”

or in this way:

“If Women were Cars, then the men would save more fuel…nobody wants a car that decides where to go, when to go and for how long.”

Mostly, these are generated by men. Hmm, not a very comfortable position for women, we’d say!

But there are also quotes that flatter women or at least should motivate them (disregarding them is not an option). Here are some examples:

“In less enlightened times, the best way to impress women was to own a hot car. But women wised up and realized it was better to buy their own hot cars so they wouldn’t have to ride around with jerks.”

“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”

“Men like cars, women like clothes. Women only like cars because they take them to clothes.”

What other quotes with cars and women do you know?

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If you ask men, they would say that women have the gift of breaking the cars they drive. Whether they say it wasn’t their fault when their car broke down, or they say their car broke down, when it actually works perfectly; these are current stories man are confronted with when it comes to women and cars.

So, it’s better not to give a woman a car which is likely to break, or at least to offer some features which to offer help for “desperate women drivers”. And a list of reliable cars was created. Here we have:

Infiniti G: it’s for the perfectionist eye of every fashion passionate and is realible too, due to its 6-year, 70,000-mile powertrain warranty. Besides that, it features a 48 months of roadside assistance, which does not take into account the mileage.

Acura RL: it features a Maintenance Minder system, which tracks the use and the driving conditions, in order to help the driver when it’s the perfect moment to get the car prepared for “what’s coming”. And apparently, it’s also easy to use.

Honda CR-V: limited accessory warranty, 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Porsche Boxster: yes, it’s a luxury car, but a reliable one: four-year, 50,000-mile warranty, as well as a 12-year long-life warranty.

Honda Fit: the perfect fit for ladies, especially if you want to have some eye;ashes attached to the headlights. It offers bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty. The result? Another reliable car.

Ladies have lots of options when it comes to reliable cars. These are only a few, the best of the best.

What other car would you add to the list?

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Super cars are like magnets to women, and Audi R8 doesn’t make any exception. Not only is it the fastest Audi on market and appeared in some blockbusters for the past few years (such as Iron Man or Transformers), but Audi R8 is also able to catch women’s eyes. And we are not talking about any women, but really sexy women.

In the video bellow you can see the magnetism between these two elements during a photo shoot on the Audi R8 and its female fans:

Audi R8 Photoshoot in HD from Tuan Hoang on Vimeo.

We cannot even say which of them gets more of our attention and admiration: the car or the girls. I guess Audi R8 can work with no problems as wingman for seducing women.

So, which one makes you more interested: Audi R8 or the women?

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A few hours ago we published the topless drifting video and Nick, one of our readers, pointed out a very funny thing. If you look at the YouTube address for the video, you can clearly see what’s it about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu1Ao8Bo0bs.

Makes you think YouTube has found some new way of knowing what the videos are about And in case you missed it, here’s the video again. Enjoy!

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Perhaps in a state of boredom and with nothing to do, Japanese car company Nissan decided to conduct an international study in order to see just what are the most popular songs with the ladies in countries like the UK, France or Italy.

The study saw 1,766 women chart their favorite tracks they often find themselves humming or downright singing while driving their car. The results weren’t that shocking, with the famous Hotel California track from The Eagles claiming top spot. Runner up was Tracy Chapman with her song Fast Car, claiming third was Enjoy the Silence from Depeche Mode, while the number four spot was occupied by Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash. The fifth most popular driving song for women was Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

Overall, a lot of these songs I often myself humming from time to time. Which are your favorite tracks for when you drive? Leave your own top 5 in the comment box below.


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A recent study made by the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff showed what many might consider incredibly surprising, that women are more attracted by men driving expensive cars. Who would’ve thought? This has gotta be one of the most useless studies ever made (well, maybe except for the one we wrote about last year, about women being aroused by supercars’ engine sound).

During the study, the university team showed women a photo of the same guy at the steering wheels of a Bentley Continental GTC and an old Ford Fiesta. Guess when women thought he was more attractive? You’re right, when he was in the Fiesta. Just kidding, of course when he was in the Bentley. My God, who pays for these studies?

And if we have any female readers, please don’t consider us mysoginists, because here’s what Dr. Michael Dunn, the head of the project said: “It appears that the stereotype of women being positively influenced by a man’s status is true and, evolutionarily speaking, this makes sense. However, even with the growing number of women in high-paid careers and the fact that they can be highly successful has no effect on how attractive they are to men. What you find is that these new, wealthy women still show a preferment for high-status males.”


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Well, we know this gallery comes a little late, with the Paris Motor Show almost over, but hey, you know what they say, better late than never. An auto show isn’t perfect without some beautiful women involved and the girls from this year’s show were very pretty. Not as ‘indecent’ as some of the ones we saw back in March at the Geneva show, but still looking hot. We noticed that Lamborghini had the same girls, and we’ve also saw beautiful women at the Microcar, Fiat, Lexus, Toyota, Lancia and Opel stands. But enough with the talking, check out the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery: 2008 Paris Motor Show babes


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A recent study made by a British insurance company revealed that women are aroused by the sound of some cars’ engines. But don’t imagine that if you accelerate your Volkswagen Polo you’ll get ladies all crazy about you. Because, actually, the Polo engine sound has the exact opposite effect. No, we’re talking about the engine sound from cars like Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Yup, we know, it’s shocking, but it’s the truth. Women love expensive, powerful cars. Who would’ve thought?

The study consisted of a 20-minute tape with cars being revved that was played to a group of male and female volunteers. After that the saliva of the volunteers was collected and tested for testosterone levels. The most significant increase in testosterone level for women were reported after listening to Maserati and for men after the Lamborghini part. Unfortunately, bad news for VW Polo owners. The sound of Polo’s engine, not only it didn’t increase testosterone levels, but this actually dropped.


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The Geneva Motor Show, which is currently having its press days, like any other auto show, wouldn’t be complete without all those beautiful girls that make the overall experience even better. So we had to take pictures of some of those girls from the Swiss show. Almost all producers had beautiful girls at their stands, but special mentions go to Pininfarina and Giugiaro, with some extremely sexy girls and also Kia, Cadillac and Lamborghini had some really beautiful girls. At the Lamborghini stand there was also a small fashion show, in which three extremely beautiful girls presented the latest Lamborghini collection. But, because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll let you enjoy the photos, after the jump.


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