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Planet’s most beautiful road trips for driving nirvana!

Every motorhead dreams of taking his most priceless set of wheels (two or four) on that one magical drive which is an amalgamation of both driving pleasure and scenic beauty. The perfect combination of man and machine with the elements around him makes for that perfect ride which remains in our heads for a lifetime. With the wind in your hair, the magnificence of nature around you and the seemingly unending tarmac ahead; it is all about being one with the moment. So we’re starting a series of posts with some of the most beautiful roads in the world, which have provided countless such snapshots for many riders, tourists and the auto-maniacs over the years. So lets take a trip down some of the best spots where man made in-roads into nature’s heart!

Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

469 miles of sheer scenic beauty dedicated to give drivers from across the world some of the most enthralling sites, the Blue Ridge Parkway, located through North Carolina and Virginia is one of the best roadways in the world when it comes to natural splendor. The longest and narrowest national park in the world, the road passes through a major mountain chain that is part of the Appalachian Mountains. Designed specifically to give the drivers an unmatched view of nature, there is no other road in the world that is custom crafted for delight of the rider like the Blue Ridge Highway!

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Ice Ring Road, Iceland

If going across an entire panorama of nature’s splendor is your idea of a great drive, then the place to visit would be Iceland’s famous Ice Ring Road. This amazing 830-mile road that goes all the way across Iceland will give you a complete look at all the natural variations and various landforms the country has to offer. Deserts, glaciers, geysers, valleys, mountains, ocean and flowery farms- you name it and the long road has it right next to it. If you are brave enough to face the occasionally unruly elements, then this is the ultimate driving experience with beauty that is unparalleled.
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The Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

The Amalfi coast road that stretches from Sorrento to Amalfi village is considered by many as undoubtedly the most beautiful road in entire Europe. The visually enchanting drives take you through sea-hugging cliffs and serene valleys with plenty of beautiful villages on the way. For the less adventurous, there is also an alternate route that does not run so close to the sea from the edge of the cliffs. Still very safe and exciting, the Amalfi coast road is a journey that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

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Columbia Gorge Historic Highway 30, USA

If you wish to travel on a road that offers you a view that puts postcards to shame and brings Hollywood to reality, then the Columbia Gorge Historic Highway 30 that runs parallel to the river is the trip that you want to take your car out on. The view over some of the bridges and the canopy on both sides of the road transcends you into nature’s most beautiful spots. The arch above the road with trees and even the waterfalls along its way make it probably the most romantic road trip on the planet.

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Furka Pass Road, Switzerland

Natural Passes offer some of the most beautiful roads to drive on and while we might have added the Khyber Pass to this list, the hassles that surrounds it in today’s world make it a more arduous ride than a pleasant one. Located at an altitude of 2436, the Furka Pass, between Gletsch and Andermatt, in Switzerland, offers some of the world’s most beautiful mountain roads that zigzag their way into valleys and small villages. Bringing out the beauty of Swiss Alps to the fore, this road is definitely the best way to admire the majesty of the Alps along with its timeless beauty while enjoying the flowing curves!

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Atlantic Road, Norway

The fact that the Atlantic Road of Norway was voted as the Norwegian Construction of the Century in 2005 pretty much says it all about this wonderful integration of modern technology with nature’s magnificence. The road is akin to man’s stroke of brush on nature’s canvas and the view and the ride it offers is both unique and enthralling. The wonderful ride moves along a scenic five-mile stretch along highway Rv64 between Molde and Kristiansund. Best time for a ride: when a storm mild hits the ocean! Ironically, that is when the ocean under the road is at its dramatic best.

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The Picos de Europa, Spain

The classic look and the ‘postcard perfect’ look of the drive that Picos de Europa offers makes it another ‘must drive’ road in Europe. The wonderfully intertwined sections of roads offers around eight hours of great drive and one can find this journey go through calm and lush green valleys with abundant natural life that is untouched by modern frenzy. The ride gives you a rare and relaxing feeling with every inch of the drive proving to be an almost rejuvenating experience.

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Three Capes Scenic Route, Oregon Coast, USA

The Three Capes scenic drive comes off as a delight for everyone who loves the ocean and is close enough to take a drive on the Oregon Coastline. A trip into the ocean (almost) is guaranteed with the drive and the 40 mile drive to Cape Kiwanda acts as an extra incentive. The lush green forests on one side and the mighty blue ocean on the other make this trip the perfect blend of both worlds.

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Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), USA

Considered by many who love their wheels as a drive that is a ‘must’ for every true motorhead, the Highway 1 drive on the Pacific Coast is simple a journey into the most beautiful stretch of road in USA that is a rare mixture of the big cities with natural beauty. Apart from the ocean, valleys and scenic beauty, one can run trough the heart of the West Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. A perfect holiday trip for every family, come Christmas!

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Eyre highway, Australia

How can we have a list of the most beautiful road trips on the planet without going to the Island-Continent-Country which offers the most unique and exotic natural panorama along its roadside? The Eyre Highway stretching from Southern Australia to Western Australia is the perfect way to explore the Australian Outback on your vehicle along with enjoying a wide variety of sights and sounds. The trip might not be beautiful in the ‘Romantic English’ way, but it has a rugged beauty of its own.
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Taking a trip along the most beautiful roads in the world is really a treat and while the virtual look itself is this appealing the real rides will surely leave you wanting for more. Happy Driving!

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