Wow! The Audi R8 “Blackbird” |

Posted on 14-08-2008 by Vlad Balan

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The only thing that crossed my mind after seeing this video was “Wow!”. This Audi R8, codenamed “Blackbird”, is definitely one of a kind. First of all, it looks great, with those black wheels but if you imagine this car only has looks, oh, you’re so wrong. Because it’s more stuffed with gadgets than the KITT: four GPS units, two radar detectors, police scanner, CB radio, kill switch for all rear lights, high-speed broadband Internet with Wi-Fi running on a tablet PC, power ports, takedown lights, remote-controlled exhaust bypass valve and a…liquid-cooled infrasonic wave pulse generator. But enough said, just enjoy the video!

Via Autoblog

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