Wrecked Cars For Sale

If you have a couple of wrecked cars for sale or just one, you need to know that the condition of the vehicles plays a major role when you want to sell them. You will have the following choices: repair them and after that try to sell, disassembly the cars and start selling the parts or sell the cars to someone who has the possibility to repair them or sell to a junk yard. Similar to other selling processes, you need to take down into consideration a couple of things.

You will need to inspect the damage that occurred to the vehicle during the wreck. It is possible that you might not be able to do this by yourself. If so, you will need to take it to your mechanic and ask him to do an evaluation of the car.

It is advisable to repair all of the most important damages in wrecked cars for sale, the ones that affect the driving performances of the car, or the safety features. Don’t forget to keep an accurate track of all the money you invest in it.

If necessary, get a salvage title. A wrecked vehicle, which has been considered by the insurance company as a total loss, must now have a written salvage title instead of the regular clear title. Depending on where you leave, each state in the US has its own way of getting these. Most of them will require that the wrecked car must be examined by a Highway Patrol Officer for safety problems. If your wrecked cars pass this test, the officer will hand you the appropriate statement that will permit your local title department to give you the salvage title. The vast majority of the DMV’s can tell you the rules and regulations applicable in your state of residence for getting a salvage title, along with the necessary info about the entire process.

After finishing the paperwork, you will need to start advertise that you have wrecked cars for sale. Don’t forget to tell all your potential customers that the vehicles have been wrecked and if you have or don’t have a salvage / clear title of the car.

Once you have found a buyer, you will need to sign over the ownership. It must be done in front of a notary and both of you need to be present and show proof of identity.

One last piece of advice, if you decide to sell your wrecked car/cars to a junkyard, you do not need to get a salvage title.

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