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Welcome to a new edition of Motorsport Weekend, our own feature where we talk about the best motorsport events in the last three days. This week, we had action both on two and four wheels. The Moto GP championship had its British Grand Prix held in Silverstone, the WTCC competition arrived at Italy’s Monza circuit while Nascar’s Sprint… …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz continued its partnership with the Formula 1 competition at the beginning of the year by releasing the SLS AMG safety car. For the WTCC, where its Cruze model is making a good impression during the current season, Chevrolet wanted something a bit more special. As such, Chevy has just unveiled a very special Spark model, that will be employed… …read the full post

Welcome to a new edition of Motorsport Weekend, our own feature where we talk about and share the results from the latest and most popular motorsport races and events from the last three days. This weekend was filled with something for almost everyone, with the Spanish MotoGP, the WTCC Marrakech race and the Nascar Richmond events, that took place… …read the full post

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Motorsport Weekend, our own feature where we roundup all of the biggest motorsport events in the last three days and show you the results. The past weekend was pretty hectic, with four major events taking place. First were two rallies: the WRC Rally Mexico and the IRC’s Rally Curitiba, taking place in Brazil…. …read the full post

Spanish carmaker Seat has just announced that it has withdrawn its factory team from the FIA WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), after an extremely successful run in the competition. “After achieving all possible successes in the WTCC, we are now going to focus all our efforts on customer sports in different championships. We are always eager… …read the full post

Although this might annoy some of you petrol-heads which believe that gasoline is the only true fuel for a car, Seat has just won every award in the World Touring Car Championship, largely due to its Leon TDI model. The carmaker is represented by Spanish Touring Car Company (Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo) team, which has won the manufacturer’s… …read the full post

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a race car crashing into the Safety Car. I mean, these cars look so innocent that you’d never figure how and why someone would have anything against them. The incident I’m talking about happened this weekend at the Race 2 of the WTCC stage in Pau, France and what… …read the full post

GM has announced that they started testing a new racing model based on the new Chevrolet Cruze, which will compete in next year’s World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). The car has been developed by the same team that took the previous WTCC Chevrolet car to a streak of twelve wins in world championship races and they hope that the car will be… …read the full post