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The BMW X5 is one of the most successful SUVs out there, but few people know that this September, it celebrated 10 years since the first edition of the car rolled off the assembly line. In honor of this moment, the Bavarian auto-maker has announced that a special version of it will be released called the X5 xDrive35d 10-Year Edition.

As you can tell, it will be powered the 3 liter diesel engine with its cylinders in a straight six. Capable of developing 286 HP, it will definitely make a lot of people excited about the special edition. Sadly, only 2,000 of these models will be marketed worldwide, in order to keep it as exclusive as possible but also allowing enthusiasts to place their orders.

Along with a few commemorative trinkets like front door plaques or sill plates, the car will have a special Sophisto Grey metallic paint finish, custom 20-inch allowy wheels, matte aluminum exterior roof rails and, most importantly, a panoramic glass roof. On the inside, special Nappa leather upholstery will be fitted with a Piano Black trim, all of these besides the normal optionals.

Prices will start from £53,075 and, depending on what other features you would want on your special SUV, will grow. Just be careful not to go wandering on the beach with it


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After Mercedes is trying to stop Chinese car producer Shuanghuan from a Smart clone on to the European market, BMW also has a problem with the Chinese. Because Shuanghuan is planning on introducing the CEO SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but BMW is planning on taking legal action against them, because the Chinese SUV is a copy of the BMW X5, and BMW won’t accept that. And they are right, I mean, c’mon, it was impossible for the Chinese to try and emerge their car industry, but that’s not the way to do it. And from 1,6 billion Chinese there’s got to be at least one that knows how to design an original car.

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BMW has launched a new M sport package for its X5. This is the first time the M performance kit has been offered on the SUV model. The exterior features new color-coded bumpers with integrated fog lights, extended wheel arches housing unique 19in wheels or an optional 20in set, plus new side moldings. On the interior, the X5 got full leather accessories with ‘M’ labeling, sports seats, polished aluminum trim and an M steering wheel.

Handling has been enhanced thanks to modifications to the adaptive drive and active steering systems, and individual selection of specific tires that differ between the front and rear axles. The kit will cost €6,350 with either the 3.0si or 3.0d models, or €4,840 when equipped with the 4.8i V8 model. (more…)

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Here’s some interesting news. Last year David Beckham’s armored BMW X5 was stolen from Spain capital, Madrid. Through some strange coincidence, the bodyguard who took care of the car “forgot” to start the tracking program which monitors the car and prevents thefts like this. Strange for someone who is probably paid very good for this job. The soccer superstar bought this car after a kidnap attempt made on his wife, Victoria.

The $180,000 car was seized by the Macedonian police after two guys, apparently from the Bulgarian mafia, were caught at the Greece border. The Macedonian interior minister, who currently uses the car, said that she will gladly return the car to the soccer star if it turns out its his car. No reaction so far from Beckham, who now lives in the US, after signing a whooping $250 million five-year contract with LA Galaxy. (more…)

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