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Without a doubt one of the greatest riders in recent history is Valentino Rossi, managing to win an astounding six MotoGP titles and will be targeting a seventh one during the 2010 season. But while he isn’t busy riding on two wheels for Yamaha in MotoGP, the Italian has also honed his skills with four-wheel vehicles.

And don’t think any regular car, as the bike rider went straight to Ferrari and asked to borrow its Formula 1 race car and take for a few laps on the Jerez circuit. The performance of the Italian impressed everyone, as he managed to constantly improve his lap times.

This has really given its Yamaha manager Davide Brivio something to worry about, as he has just declared that such performance in another sport might make him change his profession. “I have to be worried about these excellent times because Valentino really could get the desire to change sport. The greatest danger is Ferrari (not MotoGP rivals Ducati),” said the team boss.

Ferrari has expressed interest in Rossi, but according to the team manager, Stefano Domenicali, such a possibility would exist only if a third car was eligible to race in future Formula 1 seasons.

Source: Reuters via Eurosport
Pic Source: BePak’s Flickr

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