You Need To Be a Safe Cracker to Steal My Side Mirrors!

You might not know this, but Eastern Europe has one weird plague when it comes to cars: people steal the side-mirrors of expensive cars and they sell them afterwards (sometimes, the thieves even sell them to the initial owner). It even happened to us twice, while we were testing cars (BMW’s, for that matter, because they seem to be the most popular targets, though Audi’s and Benz’s have their share also). I remember the BMW representative in Romania telling me that they are so used to mirrors being stolen that they have a lot in stock just for that.

Police doesn’t do anything, so car owners look around for all kinds of ways to secure their mirrors.

Until now, I’ve seen the plate number put on the mirrors, I saw metal edges that would keep the mirror in place, but I;ve never seen practically a safe around the side-mirror )