You want a custom made Ferrari ? –

Now you can have one. Yes, just one, one Ferrari, custom made, just for you.

Let’s face it, if you have money you can say “Why not? I’ll take one”. There were some rumors about this project but now they’re not only rumors because in the july issue of the EVO magazine, the Ferrari “one off” project has been revisited – a project that creates real and unique models. We know that Ferrari was interested in launching new projects with the best international automobile signatures, and this news confirms the rumours.

If you want to be a Ferrari customer, or you already are one but want something new, you can choose finishes, colours and accessories, planned for the entire Ferrari range in the future and you will also have the possibility of having your own custom series. You need to be armed with at least 2 mil euros and you will have to choose from a model currently in production and from this basis your car will evolve and become one of a kind. Chassis, engine and airbag will have to remain the same, but the rest of the car can be changed and can be exclusively designed and created.

Think about a Ferrari SUV, that is also possible. What would you choose?

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