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Vin Diesel and his crew took over Youtube today to promote Fast Five‘s UK launch.

Access with the volume up for a better experience and witness some cars flying all over one particular Youtube page.

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A few hours ago we published the topless drifting video and Nick, one of our readers, pointed out a very funny thing. If you look at the YouTube address for the video, you can clearly see what’s it about:

Makes you think YouTube has found some new way of knowing what the videos are about And in case you missed it, here’s the video again. Enjoy!

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Today, the world’s most popular video site, YouTube, is celebrating its fifth birthday. It’s a bit hard to believe, but way back in 2005, this website has begun offering us an outlet for our wacky, insane, awesome or downright stupid videos.

But while showing yourself off is all fine and dandy, quite a lot of people also opted to showcase their cars. From your average Joe to professional race drivers like Ken Block, YouTube hosted all sorts of videos with cars, trucks, bikes and everything in between.

That’s why we decided to celebrate YouTube’s fifth birthday by rounding up some of the most awesome car videos we could find on the popular website. Curious to feast your eyes on this two/three/four-wheel goodness? Then hit the jump and check 15 of the best YouTube car videos ever!

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As you all know, Top Gear, one of the most popular car shows in the world, is on hiatus until October. That left us with a desire to watch more of the old adventures of Jeremy, Richard and James, so we don’t have a choice than to go on YouTube and just search for Top Gear and hope the videos posted by fans weren’t deleted by YT admins. That time has ended, TG launching their own YouTube channel, dedicated to bring the most interesting and hilarious moments of their shows to us, the public from all around the world.

You can access it here and they already put up a lot of videos for you to see such as the 24 hour race the boys did at Silverstone, or the race between the Bugatti Veyron and the Eurofighter jet aircraft. Enjoy!

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