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Zap-Map for Electric Cars

The fans of electric vehicles do not have to worry anymore about where they can charge their cars. Next Green Car has launched Zap-Map, a comprehensive map showing 752 charging points in UK.

“We were constantly researching on-street charge points for our visitors and trying to find an up-to-date list but we found that the data was fragmented or out of date, so we decided to build one ourselves.”

said Dr. Ben Lane of Next Green Car.

We believe the map is of great use, especially because you can find all the charging points from your route in a single source. Additionally, it shows not only the type of charger (slow, fast, rapid), but also the prices and other details about how to access the charging station. For the moment, most of the locations registered on the map are with slow or standard charge, with up to 27 rapid chargers, which means that you can charge 80% your car in 30 minutes. Coincidentally or not, 26 of 27 chargers are Nissan dealerships.

For the next period, Next Green Car hopes to increase the number of charging locations on the map and stay up-to-date, as new charging points are build.

What do you think: would you like to have such a map for you?

[Source: Nextgreencar]

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